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July 30, 2014

War does not need philosophy, or logic…
War is unfair and does not interpret anything…
War is always about lies, betrayal and death –
it has unlimited horrific attributes…
War is orange, red, blue and phosphoric lights
War is gas, cement, smoke and houses with their memories lost…
War is about closed airports and blocked crossings…
War is a man that just lost his mind and does not stop running towards hell …
War… War… War… War… Please, stop and terminate…

Israeli propaganda couldn’t erase Palestine Land

December 13, 2012

I still remember my grandmother (she was born in 1920) when she was singing to me Palestinian folklore songs like ‘Ataba and Dal’ona. Also the nostalgic songs that full of sadness and the return-to the home-crave. I couldn’t forget her anxious and beautiful voice when she sang to me the great song, by Fairouz, “Zahrat Al Madaan” (The Flower of the Cities):

For you, city of prayer, I pray

For you beautiful city, flower of cities

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, city of prayer, I pray

Our eyes travel to you every day

Moving about the hallways of the temples

Embracing the old churches

Wiping sadness from the mosques

Night of the Isra, path of he who ascended heavenward

Our eyes travel to you every day, and I pray..

Her songs and stories are growing in my heart and memories. How can I forget her story when she was 18 years old, and she lost her son when they expelled from their home by the Israeli war in 1948. Since that we, my family, became just poor refugees in Gaza, while the Palestinian nation extends beyond the West Bank and Gaza to include those in the diaspora – in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, in the Gulf, and everywhere. And be aware that 97% of the camp’s inhabitants have never seen the towns and villages their parents and grandparents left behind.

There are another untold stories that my grandmother haven’t told me. Because, unfortunately, she passed away last year. And it was a big loss to me. I felt like I didn’t only lost her, but I also lost a long history with old songs that hold facts we don’t know about our land before the Israeli occupation.

At the time that Israel first occupied Palestine, the widespread propaganda machine of the American Jewish lobby was powerful, and played an important role in the unrelenting quest to drag people to their side. Newspapers and Media such the BBC (British), CNN (America), The Jewish Chronicle (Based in London), La Liberta (Italia), L’univers Israelitelite (France)… and so on.

On the other side,  there wasn’t a Palestine propaganda, because the Palestinian people were stuffed with fear and they couldn’t help themselves as they were not too aware about what was really going on. Add to that, the Palestinian were not well educated, and the government was powerless either. But the main reason were that the strong countries, America, Britain, France and most of Europe stood with Israel, either their media and newspapers, which took a turn for the worse.

However, people have changed over time. And the brainwashing has gone so far that people no longer fooled by blur news. We are in the age of technology and communication, so that we can watch live news stream directly from online websites and social media news, which is the most powerful sources for news updates, such as Twitter, Facebook, Bloger, Google+ and YouTube. And the Palestinians have used that tools as a strong weapon during the last Israeli attacks on Gaza, and they have raised awareness of the Israel’s crimes against the civilian population.

“every violation of truth is not only a sort of suicide in the liar, but is a stab at the health of human society.” R.W. Emerson. Yet, the truth of Palestine Land will never vanished, and the lie of Promised Land will die someday. Because true country doesn’t be built on lies.

I am alive after nine days of the Israeli Attack on Gaza!

November 23, 2012

I still don’t believe that the Israeli attacks on Gaza happened. It is incredible that I’m alive!. Everything happened like a long nightmare.. Each moment passed slowly, while my heart was beating too fast, and its pulses was like a bitter drops of water..

Was it a war?. I convinced myself that it was nightmare, and just now I got up. But I couldn’t tell myself a lie, and then living in a circle of lies. Yes, it was a war. And I wasn’t killed by that missile when it fired near my room..

When I say ‘I’m alive’, that doesn’t mean I’m full happy. Because many people were killed in that unfair battle, conflict, war, inhumane game.. call it as you see it. But I was in the bloody side,  I didn’t get out of that inner room for nine days, and I couldn’t sleep more than two hours every two days.. There were no shelters, and no healthy place to be protected. Look, it doesn’t matter. The major problem was the BOMBS.  One cannot accustomed to live in fear. And we, whether the Palestinians or the Israelis, will never get used to hear the sirens or the explosions.. That’s not a routine!.

The ceasefire was done after nine days of fighting. We don’t know how long will it last? And when will it collapse?. But we can keep our thoughts and feelings go straight towards peace, let’s try to do that. Tell your parents that the Palestinian just love their land and want to return to their homes in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Jerusalem.. ect.  Call upon your friends in Israel to act, and stop blaming others. It’s time to build new peaceful country.

#GazaUnderAttack | Hectic Scenes (Part 1)

November 16, 2012
Gaza Under Fire

Gaza Under Fire

I think my eyes are gonna bleed.. I’ve been trying to sleep for 5 hours, I’m trying to sleep.. but when I’m about to fall asleep, I see red and yellow light, and I hear massive explosions..  it is the fifth bombs.. no, no.. it exceeds 20 bombs.. the Israeli air raids targets place very close to our house.. the loud sound of drones is irritating me, I’m not going to tolerate its buzzing.. its sound drills in my head..

Actually there is no chance for a sleep!

I’m writing everything.. At the same time, I’m remembering the last Israeli war on Gaza in 2009.. I can’t assimilate anything.. feeling like I’m freezing to death. My parents have opened the windows, the world outside is burning.. the streets are empty.. Nothing else than the shells when they fall down on the city like bloody rain.

The electricity just went off, the internet went down either.. more loud explosions hit the place I live in. I’m hearing doors, window panes, and glass all breakdown in the area.

we are all gathered in one room. The radio is on. We do not turn it off.. bad news, horrible reports. When the shelling starts, we, my sister and I, get very scared. We close our eyes. We cannot do anything else. Closing our eyes is the only thing that helps so that we don’t see the yellow and red lights of the shells when they are falling.. Our parent hold us and try to calm us down. All of us are young, only a one year baby girl. She is very innocent. When the explosions happen we convince her that they are fireworks. I cannot hide my tears when I see her playing because she doesn’t know what is really happening and that we could all die in any moment.

My family and I are under the fire. North Gaza is firing. War doesn’t recognize life!

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