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Lost by Google Maps

March 22, 2017

Last week I got email telling me that I have interview on Wednesday at a school located in Hjusta (Stockholm), the area is away from where I live and to reach it, I should ride the bus and the metro, it takes proximity 40 minutes.

Today I woke up two hours earlier than the appointment, I prepared myself happily and left home    with optimistic vibes. It was a little sunny and I could see how people were busy on that rush time in the morning when all go to their job places or schools… I missed the feeling of being an employee, productive and spending time at work.

The metro stopped at Hjusta station, there I got off and went out holding my phone and starting to check my GPS, it was 9:10 o’clock. I was glad because I arrived too early and I will spend some time exploring the area before going to the school since I knew that the distance from the station to the school will take only 10 minutes by walking.

I wrote the location on Google Maps and started following the directions, but after a while I stopped and found out that it will take long time until I arrive, I was wrong when I said it won’t take time to walk to the school. After a while I saw that Google Maps showed me driving directions instead of the walking ones! I changed it to the correct one and yet stayed working wrong, it wanted me to drive all the time, very ridiculous.

I got very stressed and annoyed, only 25 minutes left for the interview, I phoned Peter and told him with very upset voice that my GPS got crazy and I got lost in the area, he told me to calm down and will check on his phone for me… nothing happened and I gave up, went back to the station, Peter told me that I should phone the school and explain to them what happened, they will understand me, he said.

I downloaded another maps application on my phone and followed the directions, it showed me that it will take 10 minutes, it seemed logical as it supposed to be. I crossed a long bridge and by going down to the end of it I found the school. I’ve already knew that I’ll not get the job because I was late almost for 15 minutes, but at least I wanted to try, why not?

I interred the school, I could hear my wheeze when I was hardly breathing, I looked around me to find someone to talk to, then I saw a woman appeared and came down the stairs, I quickly said hej, she said hej back and disappeared behind classroom door, she was the boss as I saw on the school website and she was the one who supposed to interview me, but she only said hej, I wanted to talk.

I waited the woman close to that door until she appeared again and I said ‘I’m Kawther and I have interview, sorry for being late, I got lost in the area’. I want to continue talking and to explain, but she interrupted me saying ‘you are too late and there’s another person will be interviewed soon…’. I couldn’t talk anymore and said bye.

I was walking on the bridge and crying a lot, that woman was impolite and rude. She even didn’t want to listen to me, I wanted to show my respect and apology. How a woman who leads a school can behave like that, how does she treat her employees and the students? In that school, there’s a new generation of girls and boy!

I went back to home very disappointed by that woman’s behaviour, I was on the metro crying, I hated everything around me, all the positive energy I had in the morning have vanished and turned off like when a person just click on Off to not listen to the beautiful music. I wanted to back to my country, I felt so bad… and while all those desperate thoughts were invading me, I took my phone out of my pocket and took a picture of the stunning view of the fields under the bridge.

Palestinian woman in Sweden

February 12, 2016

( Just a quick post for now)

It’s hard to be Palestinian!
Anything just reminds you of being Palestinian,
summer holiday
when friends book tickets to travel to their homelands
going to shops and thinking about my siblings they would like that chilli chocolate
being a Palestinian
means lots of stories
strange, unfair, sad, lost..
I live in Sweden, but my mind and heart are still their in Gaza. Only my body is in Sweden. I enormously miss my family. I have to check the news if their is a war coming soon.. yes, it is like a horror film, people wait for it.
I have to talk with my mother everyday, she’s the angel who always held me during the wars, she’s the strongest woman when I’m weak.
In Stockholm, every morning I wake up, I open the curtains and look at the street thinking that whether I’m in a peaceful country or in Palestine?. It must be a dream. The peace always lived inside me. But that is the truth: I’m in a peaceful country, I don’t have to think about buying tins and bread for the war, I don’t have to worry about myself when I walk i the street.. I don’t look at my siblings as if I will never see them again because we live under fire.
I’m lucky that I moved to live in Sweden. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that I’m totally happy . There are lots of things must be fixed until I heal my bloody memory and get rid of life fears which I always had in Gaza.

Rain wishes

August 5, 2014

Rain on my only window to you ..
Rain over the dark cars and trucks..
Rain on the city of peace ..
I want this rain to pour on my city there ..
My mother must be dreaming of this rain now,
and my family must be waiting for it in the narrow room in that shelter ..
I will keep this rain between my eyes
I will take it with me to my martyr brothers there ..
Oh rain, stop flowing… because I’m sad.


July 30, 2014

War does not need philosophy, or logic…
War is unfair and does not interpret anything…
War is always about lies, betrayal and death –
it has unlimited horrific attributes…
War is orange, red, blue and phosphoric lights
War is gas, cement, smoke and houses with their memories lost…
War is about closed airports and blocked crossings…
War is a man that just lost his mind and does not stop running towards hell …
War… War… War… War… Please, stop and terminate…


July 11, 2014

בישראל טוענים, לפי הדיווחים בתקשורת הישראלים וכן הזרה, כי התראה נשלחת לתושבי עזה עוד לפני הפצצת בתיהם. כמה הערות בעניין זה:

– לא בכל היעדים שהתקפו התקבלה התראה. כך למשל בית משפחת גנאם –מרפיח- הופצץ שלוש פעמים בלי שום התראה לפני. האסון הזה גבה את חייהם של בני המשפחה והרבה שכנים נפצעו.

– בישראל טוענים כי הם משגרים פצמ”רים עוד לפני הפצצת בית. לכל מי שלא יודע, ההתנקשות באחמד אל געברי נעשה דרך פצמ”ר. אתמול פצמ”ר פגע בבית שכינו וכתוצאה מכך נרצח השכן ושאר בני משפחתו נפצעו.

– גם במקרה של שליחת פצמ”ר התראה. הזמן בין ההתראה והפצצה הינו כ 3 דקות! תנסו לדמיין מה ניתן לעשות בזמן זה כשיש בבית כמעט עשרה נפשות בניהם ילדים וקשישים.

– ההתראה כשלעצמה מוכיחה כי ישראל יודעת בוודאות כי יש היעד מאוכלס, מה שאומר כי הכוונה היא לרצוח כמה שיותר אנשים בלי שום קשר ללחימה.

-אין זה סוד כי בתים נבנים אחד ליד השני בעזה. הצפיפות אינה מותירה סיכוי לבתים שליד היעד. ז”א, בכל יעד שמופצץ נהרס גם היעד גן הבתים מסביב.

ישראל לא שרק מפציצה; הורסת בתים והורגת חפים מפשע, היא שוללת את זכותנו לצרוח/ לבכות


July 11, 2014

Help us to publish the TRUTH:

Israel claims through its own media channels and through western media that it warns Palestinian civilians prior to house bombardments, here are some comments on the issue:

First: not all residents of house targeted get warned, the Ghannam’s in Rafah are an example. The house was raided by three F16 missiles without prior warning. All in house were either killed or injured, including neighbors and neighboring houses.

Second: Israel claims that it first lunches warming rockets prior to houses’ bombardment, these warning rockets (highly destructive rockets) have killed people like Ahmad Jabari. Our neighbors in Shaboura camp was killed by a warming rocket only yesterday.

Third: the period between the warning call and the actual bombardment does not exceed three minutes. Not enough to wake up a sleeping child or a senior citizen.
Fourth: the mere warning indicates that Israel already knows that the targeted house if full with civilians.

Firth: the weaponry and missiles used are highly destructive and turn full house and close by ones into rubbles. Gaza is a highly condensed and highly populated area and its virtually impossible to have one specific target.

Israel is not only bombing houses, not only killing civilian people, but trying also to take our right of screaming

Draft of Memory

October 19, 2013
I would love to know what happened to our small house which we left in Nazareth years ago… What do the hills look like now? And perhaps the scent of thyme has changed… How old my friends have grown, and I have become just a story for their children… Goodness me, I didn’t even attend their weddings। I wanted to live through the stages of my life with them, and most of all I was waiting for the day on which we would learn about love and forget about games, when we’d fall in love until we became depressed। Oh dear, but the worry of love is not like the worry of [the Israeli] occupation. Now I remember… I always remember.

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