War does not need philosophy, or logic…
War is unfair and does not interpret anything…
War is always about lies, betrayal and death –
it has unlimited horrific attributes…
War is orange, red, blue and phosphoric lights
War is gas, cement, smoke and houses with their memories lost…
War is about closed airports and blocked crossings…
War is a man that just lost his mind and does not stop running towards hell …
War… War… War… War… Please, stop and terminate…


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One Response to “War”

  1. kmd Says:

    Every day, the news reaches us…

    We hear that hospitals and power stations are destroyed/bombed, and everyone blaming everyone else for the problem.

    And while those people blame, other innocent people keep dying.
    Other innocent people can’t make their meals, or go to work, or care for their families…

    Innocent people like my friend.

    And as I watch that news, I try to figure out – what do I say to you, today, what can I POSSIBLY say to you today, Kawther, to add something, anything good to your day, when this is what you are dealing with?

    Any words I have are like..paper, in a rainstorm.

    I am watching humanity continue to be violent, and cruel, and selfish, and still hoping – somehow, someday – for it to stop.

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